Our History

We are proud to offer a unique solution that combines the latest technology with the top protection.

Our unique formulation was discovered by Marc Esculier, CEO of Dakem SA France and Fabien Brunet, Entomologist for Dakem SA France after a trip to Florida in 2007 to attend a professional pest control convention, and a painful encounter with aggressive Florida mosquitoes. While seated outdoors at a Celebration, Florida restaurant, Marc and Fabien found themselves to be the meal instead of enjoying their own dinner. They were swarmed upon by 100's of bloodthirsty mosquitoes that relentlessly bit them and other guests attempting to socialize and enjoy a good meal. This experience was the driving-force that would help to uncover a skin-friendly, highly effective mosquito repellent once they returned to France.

3-years later and after much testing, financial investments and governmental evaluation, Moskito Guard was born. Moskito Guard is the European equivalent of our newly EPA registered mosquito repellent, Moskito Care Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin. Moskito Guard is the most rapidly selling mosquito repellent across Europe and parts of Asia, and for great reasons; it offers 14-hour protection, is skin-friendly, water resistant, water-based & non-flammable, recommended for people of all ages to prevent bites from mosquitoes and ticks that may carry diseases such as Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile Fever and Lyme disease.

Moskito Care is proudly assembled in the United States by Dakem, Inc. of Celebration, Florida and distributed by Nouveaux Pest Solutions, LLC of Longwood, Florida. Moskito Care underwent a vigorous 5-year evaluation period conducted by the EPA and gained federal EPA registration in December, 2015. Our team of experts includes knowledgeable professionals in the fields of Toxicology, Entomology, Biology and Pest Management.

If you are concerned about your family’s skin protection when entering the great outdoors where mosquitoes and other biting insects are present, then there is no better product to use on your entire family than Moskito Care. Moskito Care Insect Repellent isn’t just for mosquito protection; it works well against bites from No-see-ums, biting midges, horse flies, deer flies, stable flies, blackflies, fleas and ticks.

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