Mosquito Management

How to Inspect & Manage Aedes Mosquitoes

The basis of any effective mosquito management program will be the elimination of egg laying and larval development sites. There are effective EPA approved larvicides and adulticides commercially available, but the use of insecticides alone in a battle against Aedes mosquitoes will not work. Finding the egg laying, larval development and harborage sites of mosquitoes requires a thorough initial inspection that focuses on areas on and around the property that may contain enough nutrient rich water to allow larval development to succeed.

Subsequently, additional inspections should occur every 5 days to inspect and empty containers that hold water such as birdbaths, plant trays and pots, recycle bins, bottles, cans, buckets, tires, clogged rain gutters, untreated swimming pools, floor drains, pool deck drains, etc. Also, treat areas on the property such as drainage fields that continuously hold nutrient rich water; use an EPA approved larvicide product. Running water and chemically-treated water sources are not problematic areas. Remember, Aedes mosquitoes can develop by the hundreds in a container as small as a bottle cap exposed to a steady source of water and nutrients. Therefore, during inspection, containers small and large should all be considered likely egg and larval development sites.

EPA approved adulticides can be applied to shrubbery that surrounds the house and the outer perimeter of the property. Additionally, residual and repellent insecticides can be applied to window and door screening. Make sure all window and door screens are in good condition and tight fitting to prevent mosquito entry into the living areas of the home. A manicured lawn is not an adult harborage area and doesn’t require treatment for mosquitoes.

Community and neighbor cooperation is imperative when disease vectoring mosquitoes are a concern because regardless of how well you manage the conducive conditions within your own property boundaries, if the neighbor has a mosquito breeding issue, your property will still be invaded by biting adults.

Contact a certified pest control professional who is authorized by the State to perform vector management. In order to treat your property for mosquitoes correctly, it requires specialized equipment, materials and training.


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