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What Makes Moskito Care Different from Other Repellents

Our Unique Patented Formuation Takes the Highly Effective Active Ingredient, Picaridin, And Makes It Better

Picaridin is one of the insect repellent active ingredients recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our formulation, which is optimal at 20% Picaridin, is a new generation of customized active ingredient specifically designed to repel a variety of pests including mosquitoes, ticks and more. When screened for efficacy, Picaridin represented all of the required properties for an ideal insect repellent. Picaridin performs highly and is effective against a variety of pests having the most desired attributes regarding safety and compatibility with skin and plastic materials. It is even recommended for pregnant women by the Environmental Working Group.

Our unique Picaridin formulation offers the following benefits:

  • Low acute toxicity
  • No irritants or sensitizers
  • No mutagenic properties
  • No carcinogenic properties
  • Demonstrated no developmental or reproductive effects
  • Shown no evidence of neurotoxicity
  • No photo-sensitization or irritation
  • Shows to be poorly absorbed through skin and rapidly excreted

Picaridin containing insect repellent formulations (cream, pump spray, aerosol or wipes) with 5-20% Picaridin are highly effective against a variety of blood sucking pests, including mosquitoes that may transmit Malaria, Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and West Nile Virus, several types of viral encephalitis (Western Equine, Eastern Equine, and St. Louis), tick species that may transmit Lyme disease and sand flies that may transmit Leishmaniasis.

Who Should Use Picaridin-based Products

Based on its broad spectrum effectiveness to biting pests and its favorable safety profile, Picaridin products can be used by the general public including adults, pregnant women and children.

Scientific Testing

Numerous field and laboratory tests of various formulations have been conducted on Picaridin using human volunteers and animals in various parts of the world.  A variety of researchers, including studies sponsored by the producers of the product, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. and Australian military have all done testing. Tests have shown Picaridin to be a safe and effective repellent of numerous pests. It provides 12-14 hour protection against mosquitoes and ticks and 8-10 hour protection against biting flies, sandflies, and biting midge.

The safety profile of Picaridin is well researched through state-of-the-art studies. All toxicology data were developed using the dermal route of exposure, the most relevant route based on the use pattern of the product. The product development using the dermal route of exposure was done in agreement with USEPA, BGA (German authorities) and Health & Welfare Canada.


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